Curio is a gaming studio building foundation infrastructure serving composable onchain crypto games, starting with our own social strategy title. Our long term goal is to unlock new types of games where players can co-create new governance structures, new economic systems, fully unleashing players' creativity.

We raised 2.9M from Bain Capital and TCG Crypto, who are the best investors spearheading cutting edge crypto infra and consumer products.

Since founding, we've shipped demos reaching thousands of users. Currently we're assembling a super team to ship our first title, [redacted].

Curio is always looking to work with talented full stack engineers, designers, artists, and dreamers. We heavily prioritize learning speed over seniority and give highly competitive ownership for ones who are in it for the long run. Building games isn't easy.

When you join, expect to pioneer new crypto infra (custom gaming rollups, scaling solutions, node software), design crazy tokenomics systems, and playtest internally the freshest ideas.

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Our Backers

The perpetual optimists since day 0

Bain Capital Crypto
TCG Crypto
Robot Ventures
Formless Capital
Smrti Labs
Tina He
Dan Romero
And many others

Block 000

est. 2022